Product Detail
200W LED Moving Head Light
产品型号: ST-200W
产品类型: Beam moving head
Product Details

Power supply: 100-240V 50/60HZ

Power: 200W

Light source: LED200W

Life: 30000 hours

Color temperature: 8000K)

Pan: 540 ° (16bit precision scanning) electronic error correction

Tilt: 270 ° (16bit precision scanning) electronic error correction

Color tray: A color tray consisting of 13 color chips

Pattern disc: 14 pattern effects

Effect Wheel: A rotatable octaprism that moves the effect

A rotatable honeycomb prism with movable effect

0-100% mechanical dimming

Supports mechanical and adjustable strobe effects,

Support for strobe macro function

Lens group optical system, electric focusing

Beam angle 0-2.7 °

Overheat protection