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DMX 384 Controller

DMX 384 Controller

产品型号: ST-384
Product Details

DMX512 signals output 384 control channels

There are 30 subroutines.Each subroutine has eight programmable scenarios

There are 16 push rods to adjust the output size

Built-in microphone to provide sound trigger in automatic trigger state

Automatic trigger time with the TAP button or the determined SPEED potentiometer

In the MIDI interface, you can control the digital display using MIDI signals at any time

BLOCKOUT button: the black field (signal interrupt) function can be controlled remotely by hand or MIDl

CHASES programming and operation functions of CHASES.

Control MIDI can be used manually or remotely

Output delay function: use the FADE TIME potentiometer to adjust the delay TIME

DMX signal output interface

USB LED bulb interface

Power input: DC9V/12V <1000 mah