Product Detail
New Sunny 512 DMX Controller

New Sunny 512 DMX Controller

产品型号: ST-512S
Product Details

Operating voltage: AC110V ~ 240V

Frequency: 50/60 hz


Standard DMX512.512 DMX control channels.

2 separate output drive ports with isolated tape, with resistance to 1500VDC electric shock.Independent insert plate structure, easy to replace.

Can control 32 16 channel computer lights

Large backlit LCD screen for display of various operating parameters.

16 channel putter, 1 speed control putter.

1600 lamp program step storage capacity.48 lighting programs, up to 100 steps per procedure.Set the gradient parameter independently for each step speed.Music synchronous or manual speed control is optional.

With the help of the lamp speed push rod, the time range of the program step can be from 0.03s to 180s

48 directly accessible computer lamp scenarios.

It can run 4 lighting programs and 48 scenes at the same time, and can run 32 computer lights manually (with the lantern) at the same time. Manual operation (with the lantern) has the function of channel release.

The X/Y of different types of computer lamps is controlled by the data wheel uniformly, or by the push.

16Bit computer lamp X/Y control accuracy.

15 environment keys to quickly invoke different scenarios, lights, and manual operation combinations.

Music trigger signal source can be taken from the audio line input or the built-in microphone pickup.

Easy to learn and use, higher operating efficiency.

Shutdown data maintenance.