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Net.do Surpro 512 DMX Controller

Net.do Surpro 512 DMX Controller

产品型号: ST-512N
Product Details

Dmx512/1990 standard, 512 DMX control channels, photoelectric isolation signal output.

At the same time control up to 62 computer lights, each light up to 36 control channels, using dynamic light address Settings.

The X/Y control precision of 16Bit can set the positive and negative direction of X/Y axis.

The built-in graphic trajectory generator (SHAPE) facilitates the user to control the graphical trajectory of the computer lamp.

Picturesque circle, gradual change circle, line, 8 characters, waves and other effects.Graphic parameters (such as speed,

Size, expansion, direction) can be set independently.

There are 62 walking light programs, each with a maximum of 100 steps.TIME and CROSS parameters for each step

Set independently.Optional automatic speed control, intelligent manual beat control (SWING) or music synchronous control.

The editing of the walking lamp program can realize the copying, pasting, adding (inserting), deleting and other operations of the walking lamp program.

It can run 6 lighting programs and 62 preset scenes at the same time, and can carry out the operation of 62 computer lamps at the same time.

31 MACRO environment programs (MACRO), which can quickly call different scenarios, walking lights, manual operation (lantern) combination.

Equipped with USB interface, users can use USB disk to save their valuable data.

The file system is compatible with WINDOWS XP.

Backlit LCD displays operating parameters.

Shutdown data maintenance.

It can be equipped with 12V gooseneck working lamp.

Power supply: ac90-250v / 50-60hz high performance green switching power supply.

Size: 483mm x 400mm x 105mm