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Net.do Fox 1024s Controller

Net.do Fox 1024s Controller

产品型号: ST-1024S
Product Details

FOX1024s Chinese computer lamp console | strength 512|FOX lamp console | strength lamp console | strength 1024s

Maximum 1024 DMX control channels, dmx512/1990 standard, photoelectric isolation signal output ports.

Maximum control of 120 computer lights or circuit 120 dimming and LED lamps.

Maximum 42 control channels per lamp, using lamp library mode.(the R20 lamp library)

The push rod with attribute channel is convenient for the user to control the lamp.

Up to 300 replays are stored in 30 pages.

With 40 directly selected scenes, the output can be superimposed at the same time. It can be used for on-site special effects with repetition.

With built-in graphics, it is convenient for users to control the effect of computer lamps, such as 5, aperture,

Brightness changes and other effects, support graphics overlay, deformation and expansion effects.

Program synchronization control: can choose internal speed, external speed, music synchronous control.

Large LCD display, using Chinese/English menu operation mode.

With USB data interface, support USB data backup and system upgrade.

Professional gooseneck working light (optional).

Power supply: ac100-240v 50/60hz 15W, high performance green switching power supply, meet the world's power requirements.

Size: 482 x 440 x 108 mm.