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TiTAN Tiger Touch Controller

TiTAN Tiger Touch Controller

产品型号: ST-TT
Product Details

Titan Tiger Touch console

Adopt high quality push rod and key, more comfortable, smooth operation, long service life;

Optimize the design of circuits and processes, more reliable and stable;

The surface is fully coated with film technology, and the panel is combined with metal hooks to eliminate the interference of static electricity or ungrounded shell to the operator.

Enhanced mode key switch, high brightness flexible LED desk lamp, greater exposure area;

Real USB2.0 interface, faster access, external for mobile storage, easier to use;

The console has a built-in 15.4-inch wide touch screen (industrial screen) with high resolution, high brightness, accurate and reliable touch, and exquisite and realistic display.

90-270v wide voltage input design to meet global mobile performance needs;

The appearance of streamlined design, smaller volume, mobile performance will be more convenient to carry;

Strong DMX expansion capability allows you to control more lamps with the minimum cost, limited resources and maximum benefit.

Can use the pearl console, and then learn tiger touch, easy to use, 3 minutes to teach you programming;

Professional after-sales technical service guarantee, so that you buy the value of the best!

Performance parameters:

Adopt the powerful I5 motherboard

Intel dual-core processor, 120GB solid-state drive, 4G memory,

Support Chinese menu display, built-in multi-language;

The built-in 15.6-inch high resolution widescreen touch screen (industrial screen) supports networking to computer equipment to control various lighting 3D visualization software.

10 macro function button, can let you faster operation console;

20 resetting push rods support more than 1000 replaying programs.

Powerful property control window, CMY\RGB color picker system;

Support the function of doodle screen identification.

Fast and easy to use graphics generator, the classification of the built-in graphics easier to use;

Support CIPT protocol, you can directly see the image thumbnails of media fragments in the media server on the console.

Support wi-fi access, wireless lamp control, mobile devices (iPhone, iPad Touch) remote control lamps;

There are thousands of built-in lamp libraries and built-in lamp library editing software. You can compile lamp libraries on the console at any time.

Built-in Visualiser line lighting visualization software, want to pre-program?No problem!

Support MIDI time code sound and light synchronization function, can also play music send time code in the console to control the light program playback.

Console interface:

Ac90-270 power input interface with power switch;

Standard dmx-512 interface;

4 USB2.0 interfaces;

MIDI input and output interfaces;

25 needle serial port 1, can connect the printer, etc.

Two Ethernet network interfaces;

One gooseneck lamp interface;

One standard color VGA interface;

One reset button;

Audio input, output, microphone interface 1 each;

1 firewire interface;

1 optical fiber interface;

One spare USB port.

Console specification:

Net weight: 13 KG

Packing size: 68*42*15 CM

Input voltage: 110V~220V 50~60Hz