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LED300W 3in1 Spot Light
Product Details

Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz           Power: 300W

Light source: high-power 250W white LED light source

Optical angle: 7 ° -21 °                    Color temperature: 8300KLED

Life: More than 50000 hours

9 colors+white, flowing colors, rainbow colors can be achieved

1 rotating pattern disc with 7 pattern pieces and white light

Capable of achieving autorotation, bidirectional flow, and jitter effects

The pattern wheel can position 1 fixed pattern disc with 9 fixed patterns

and white light

Aperture: 5% -100% smooth adjustment

Dimming: Electronic 0-100% linear dimming

Atomization: Electronic 0-100% linear atomization soft light effect

Zoom in: 7 ° -21 ° focus, linear zoom, fast strobe,

Multiple strobe mode selection, synchronization, bisection, pulse, random

Prism: 1 3-sided prism, capable of independent bidirectional rotation

Horizontal 540 °, accuracy 2.11 °/step, fine adjustment accuracy 0.008 °

Vertical 240 °, accuracy 1.05 °/step, fine adjustment accuracy 0.004 °

Control channels: 18 DMA channels

Menu display: 1.8-inch color screen, Chinese and English languages can be freely switched,

The font can be automatically inverted 180 degrees for display

RDM data bidirectional transmission overcurrent, overvoltage,

and overheating protection

Net weight: 15kg

Gross weight: 18kg

Product size: 240 × two hundred and ten × 530mm

Packaging size: 460 × four hundred and sixty × 580mm

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