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Kingkong 1024 Controller

Kingkong 1024 Controller

产品型号: ST-1024
产品类型: light controller
Product Details

DMX512 / 1990 standard, the maximum 1024 DMX control channel, two optical isolation signal output.

Maximum control of 96 computer lights or 96 way dimming.

Use the pearl lamp library (R20 format light library), and the console can write their own light library.

LCD display with backlight, the first Chinese and English display can switch interface. Panel in English optional

Built-in graphics trajectory generator, there are 135 built-in graphics, user-friendly computer graphics for the trajectory control, such as round, spiral, rainbow, chase and other effects.

Graphical parameters (such as: amplitude, speed, spacing, waves, direction) can be set independently, more convenient and quick to make the desired shape and scene.

Each scene can save the number of graphics 5; at the same time can run the number of graphics

Can store 60 material

Exclusive material

You can store up to 60 recurring scenes for storing multi-step scenes and single-step scenes. Each multi-step scenario can store up to 600 single steps. Can simultaneously output and run 10 repeat scenes.

With 10 sets of control putter. Key control and push rod control is compatible.

Support re-allocation of address code, vertical horizontal exchange, channel output reverse and other functions.

Shutdown or sudden power failure, etc. data can be kept memory.

U disk can backup console data, and support re-import to the console to use, with the model console data can be shared

Preset fader can control the properties of the fixture, property control more convenient and


Support immediate black field.