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New 380W beam shaking head light
Product Details

Name:New 380W beam shaking head light

Power supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Total power: 600W

Bulb model: Phoenix Bubble 380W

The luminous flux is 7950lm, and the color temperature can reach 8500K

Ballast: Electronic Inductive Ballast

Control mode: DMX512/WMDMX/self-propelled

Channel: 16 channels

Beautiful dot matrix display with four light touch switches, capable of reversing 180 ° display

Color palette: A color palette, each consisting of 14 color tiles+white, 6 colorful tiles, rainbow effect

Adjustable rotation speed, bidirectional flowing effect and rainbow effect. Pattern disk: Fixed pattern disk,

10 fixed patterns+4 glass images (14 pattern effects+white light)

Prism: 48 honeycomb prisms, 12 prisms, double prisms can be stacked and rotate independently in both directions, with adjustable rotation speed.

Focusing: Linear focusing, from near to far. Equipped with atomization function and adjustable atomization speed.

0-100% mechanical dimming, supporting mechanical strobe and adjustable strobe effects, supporting strobe macro function, mechanical strobe is 1-12 F.P.S.

A color palette, each consisting of 14 color patches+white, with adjustable rotation speed, bidirectional flowing effect and rainbow effect

Adopting a photoelectric reset system, it can automatically retrieve the reset in case of accidental misoperation

Horizontal 540 °, 8Bit/16Bit fine tuned

Vertical 270 °, 8Bit/16Bit fine tuned

Equipped with horizontal and vertical fine automatic error correction functions.

Overheat protection

IP protection level: IP20

AC/DC switch power supply.

LCD display screen.

Size: 300 x 240 x 530mm

Net weight: 12Kg

Packaging size: 56 * 38 * 44cm

Gross weight: 15Kg

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